Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Monthly Gadget Round-up

Nokia partners with an automovite company (Audi) to make car apps. Like the ones in your phones. Crazy, I wonder what they are going to be like.
Google is going to have their own TV programing. Like Verizon and Comcast but it have better features like internet on your TV. This is the meeting where the geeky..., rich...., and old owners/creators announced it.

 This is from a company called FastMac and as you can see it is a out plug with USB plugs. This is what the future looks like, take a good look.

 I posted a pic of this phone earlier. I post it again because this phone is coming out next month. And it is one of the best phones coming out so far. All the company's should be afraid because of the new iPhone coming out.

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