Sunday, March 13, 2011

Movies to See

Just some movies you should go see

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, this looks look pretty dope, this reminds me of a Denzel Washington movie,I think it was called DeJa Vu which part of the movie Denzel is able to use a machine to look into the past, to solve a problem. This is a lot different with the same idea, but it looks good.

Prom, a look on a teens life on when it comes to The Prom. I'm in High School and my prom is coming soon, so I could kind of relate, to one of these people's problems. But it looks good enough to go out to see, maybe with your girl.

Fast Five, this franchise is going and going, and they are all great. This one is going to have every good guy from the whole franchise, expect a few, with a few extra.

The Extra Man, I'm liking the selection of movies coming out this year. This movie is about an old man trying to get a roommate and the roommate he ends up being the extra man for this old gigolo.

Paul, this movie looks so funny, it has the people from Hot Fuzz and Seth Rogen what more do you want. I like how animation is in this. Maybe more people will think that animation is not just for kids.

Super 8,I saved the best for last because this movie looks like it should get an award for the trailer. J.J Abrams is a genesis, this could be on the top of my list for favorite movies of 2011.

The movies for the starting 2011, including Battle LA which is out now, looks strong,, really strong. Lost Bred

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