Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shopping in Japan

This post is about all the good stores that are in Japan. I did not go to Japan but I want to and these will be some stores that I go to. I was surfing the web and found this on The Hundred's blog. And I wanted to post it on my blog. Its good to look at because if you ever go to Japan you know were to go shopping.

To kick of the stores I show you the New Opening Ceremony store. This is a store that is for men and woman. Looks really dope, this is a store that I will definitely go to. Every floor has 7 different companies. And it looks amazing.

This is the most eye poping store I have ever seen. If you look close enough at the ceiling. You can see that it is covered with all light bulbs and gives it a very dope look.

The Black Flag store. Looks like a cool store . The main thing they sell is jackets. And I love jackets. So this will be a store that I would go to if I go to Tokyo.

The Rick Owens store.

This is Rockin’ Jellybean’s shop/gallery.

Everyone knows that Bape has the most intersecting stores out there. This store is no different. Just look at it. If you are into Bape then it should be your mission to see every Bape store there is because they are not all the same.

Kaws' Original Fake store. Kaws is amazing and they have been blowing up for the past two years. And now they have a store in Japan. What!!!

This is the Rahplen Laren store. This store is for all you grown ups that dress grown up. In every room there is detail in design with the theme.

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  1. If I was the one who went shopping in Japan, I am sure that I wouldn't go home without any bags on my hand, from each store that I've visited hahaha..

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