Saturday, October 2, 2010

Movies to See

A few movies to see when they come out.

Amine(a.k.a., the inner kid inside you)
Tangled. This movie gets ideas from the well know fariy tale story Rapunzel, but with their own twist to it. But it looks good and funny.

Gnomeo and Juliet. By the name you can kind of tell what this movie will be about. They put their own twist to the story of Romeo and Juliet with yard gnomes. So many stories have been made because of Shakespeare why stop now. Check it Out

Yogi Bear the Movie.This movie has one of my favorite cartoon characters when I was a little kid. They are finally making a movie for him. Yogi Bear.

More Grown Movies (a.k.a., feeds my appetite)
Casino Jack. This is based on a true story. I think it is good to make movies like this because it will show the people what had been going though the person head when they were being stupid breaking the law.

The Dilemma.Two of the funiest actors out now are getting a little more serious in this one. But it looks like you will still gets some good laguhs out of this. You know how all the romance movies are about how guys cheats on their wife. Now us men can show how women cheat too in movie form. Ha Ladies! LoL

Due Date. Do you remember the Hangover, well the funnest guy is in this one and the guy from Iron Man. This looks so funny. So funny

Horror(a.k.a., I'm not scared because I'm to cool)
The Roommate. This doesn't look like a scary movie, but it still falls in the horror movie category. What if this happened to you, would you be scared?

I hope you guys go and see at least one of these.

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