Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lost Bred

The preview for Lost Bred is now here, but first I want to clarify that Lost bred is not a clothing line, its more of a movement type of thing but better. And this is not the full explanation of Lost bred, that will come later. In my opinion, the designs came out just the way I wanted, for a preview/taste. This is nothing compared to what I will be doing in the future for Lost Bred. Think of this as a fun project just to do it. Now to explain, or give a little taste of what Lost Bred will be about. So far, Lost Bred will be three parts, Designs that will become print material in the future, Blue vs Black, and The Audience. The Audience and Blue vs Black will be explained later, but for now fun little designs. These designs are Just A Small Bite Out Of A Big Ass Cookie. Lost bred will be getting bigger in so many ways. I hope you are here to see it.

I probably won't be posting until after the New Years, so have a good Christmas. Peace, Lost Bred Always

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