Saturday, December 4, 2010

Movies to See

Tron: Legacy

This could be another Avatar in the box office, I just know it. I know I am going to see it.

The Chronicles Of Narnia - Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

The first Narnia was good but not the second one. The second just did not have the kind of spunk that the first one had. I hope that the third one, The Chronicles Of Narnia - Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, is better. even better then the first one. My hopes are High

Little Fockers

Little Fockers looks so funny. I saw the first one, probably because of the name. But this one looks good.

No Strings Attached

On the(kind of) romantic side. No Strings Attached is a really nice twist to love between the causal daters or one night daters, to if they fell in love but not the woman. Which in situations like this, mostly the girls fall in love but not the guy.

The Dilemma

I had posted this earlier but I think I will post it again. Also a romantic movie, but in this the woman is the bad guy, or girl.

The Green Hornet

I like this because it isn't the typical hero story. Just like Kick Ass. This is a movie to see.

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